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Introduction to the International Intellectual Property Department

The International Intellectual Property Department is committed to providing intellectual property (patent, trademark, copyright) service solutions for enterprises and scholars from all over the world, focusing on the protection and management of international intellectual property, and is committed to promoting and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of intellectual property on a global scale. The department's fellows come from all over the world and have deep research experience in their respective research fields.

The industries involved in this department include mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, chemical engineering, biological engineering, computer and information technology, electrical engineering, materials science, automotive industry, aerospace, environmental engineering, textile industry, food science, agriculture, mining, architecture and civil engineering, medicine, history, literature, philosophy, education, economics, management, psychology, art and design, etc.

The International Intellectual Property Department not only focuses on the protection and management of intellectual property, but also attaches great importance to the exchange of international talents in the academic field. The department is committed to building an international exchange platform to promote innovation and development in the field of global intellectual property through academic cooperation and knowledge sharing.

Departmental Tasks:

  1. International Intellectual Property Protection and Application: Assist enterprises and individuals in registering and applying for patents, trademarks, and copyrights worldwide.
  2. International Intellectual Property Protection: Provide clients with intellectual property rights protection services in multiple countries, and assist clients in protecting their intellectual property rights through administrative and judicial channels, including online rights protection and litigation.
  3. International Intellectual Property Cooperation and Exchange: Establish and strengthen contacts and cooperation with foreign law firms, and promote the study and practice of international intellectual property systems and cases.
  4. Innovation and Technology Transfer Promotion: Promote innovation and technology transfer of intellectual property rights, and support the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements.
  5. Academic Exchange and Cooperation: Promote the exchange and cooperation of the international academic community in different regions, organize international conferences, seminars and academic lectures, and provide opportunities for scholars and researchers to exchange and cooperate.
  6. Intercultural Academic Programs: Initiate and participate in international academic projects to promote collaboration between scholars from different countries in their respective research fields.
  7. Cultivation and Introduction of International Academic Talents: Attract outstanding talents from the international academic community, provide them with development opportunities in China and other countries, and cultivate local academic talents to participate in international academic activities.

Contact information:

E-mail: leoguanxin@126.com
Telephone: +8619906399899
Responsible Person: Lv Xuefeng


Lv Xuefeng

Lv Xuefeng, a patent attorney and trademark attorney, is mainly responsible for matters related to patents, trademarks and copyrights, and assists foreign clients in applying for and protecting intellectual property rights in China, including trademark search, application, opposition, invalidation, cancellation, patent application, defense, search, reexamination, invalidation and copyright registration application. In terms of rights protection, he has assisted foreign clients to protect their intellectual property rights through administrative and judicial channels for many times, and has accumulated rich experience in assisting foreign clients in protecting their intellectual property rights in China.

Lv Xuefeng has been maintaining close contact and cooperation with foreign law firms for many years, delving into foreign intellectual property systems and cases, especially familiar with patent and trademark application and rights protection systems and procedures in the United States, Japan, and Europe, and providing for enterprises with professional services of patent and trademark application, invalidation, online rights protection, and litigation overseas.

Further, Lv Xuefeng is an expert with outstanding performance in the field of international talent exchange, focusing on talent exchange between China and other countries, high-level talent introduction, and cross-border project cooperation. He has a broad international perspective and extensive experience in cross-cultural communication, and is committed to building and strengthening connections between countries around the world in the fields of science and technology, education, culture and business.

He has led a number of international cooperation projects that have not only facilitated the exchange of technology and knowledge between countries, but also strengthened China's ties with other countries in terms of professional skills and cultural understanding. Lv Xuefeng has also been actively involved in talent introduction projects, helping Chinese institutions attract and leverage international talents and supporting Chinese talents to go abroad and participate in global work and study opportunities.




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