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Najmaddin HuseynovNajmaddin Huseynov

The winner of a number of different awards, Najmaddin Huseynov is an artist whose work spans across a wide spectrum of subjects and styles. Born in Azerbaijan in the year 1955, Najmaddin Huseynov was once a student of the Azerbaijan State School of the Arts and has taken both his innate abilities and his learned skills from the school and combined them into what he produces today.

The art created by Najmaddin Huseynov ranges from still life pieces to portraits that clearly take their cues from Picasso. The brush strokes are long and elegant as they create blatant imagery that is in no way abstract. His use of color is broad and vast, and there is no defining hue that covers all of the works. That said, he does take a lot of time to emphasize the shadows in each piece, bringing a sort of depth to each of the pieces of art he creates and making them feel as if they belong in the three-dimensional world while still very clearly being two-dimensional subjects.

Najmaddin Huseynov primarily focuses on people, largely on their faces in a portrait style. When he is not painting portraits, Najmaddin Huseynov tends to focus on still life. A lot of his still life includes fruits, bottles and vases. There are some landscape pieces as well, with some of them being bright and inviting environments while others are gloomy and nightmarish, showcasing the extreme breadth of the unique talents of Najmaddin Huseynov.



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