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Li JianLi Jian

Li Jian, born in September 1966, Ph.D., professor and Ph.D. supervisor. He is the chief technologist of Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, the senior expert of CNPC. He is also the national-level young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions and the national level candidate of "Ten Million Talents Project". Moreover, He enjoy special government allowances of the State Council. He was the former director of the Institute of Natural Gas Geology, and is the director of the Key Laboratory of Natural Gas Formation and Development of CNPC, the deputy director of the Helium Technology R&D Centre, and the director of the Qaidam Basin Research Centre now. He has been engaged in the research of natural gas (helium, mercury) geology, geochemistry and resource evaluation in long term. And he has presided over or participated in more than 50 projects including National Major Projects, key R&D programs, National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program), New Round of National Oil and Gas Resource Evaluation, and major scientific and technological projects of PetroChina. He created a model of hydrocarbon generation of organic matter in the whole process and the genesis theory of highly evolutionary natural gas, developed a series of new techniques to identify the genesis of natural gas and compare the gas sources, and overcame the enrichment theory of mercury and the technology of mercury removal from gas fields. In addition, he created accurate detection and resource prediction technologies of helium and established the exploration theories of large gas fields including dense sandstones and ancient carbonates. These have guided major breakthroughs of risk wells such as Gaoshi 1, Pengtan 1, Zhongqiu 1, Jiaotan 1, Tudong 2, Chang Shen 40, Longtan 2 and the exploration discovery of the Anyue and Penglai large gas fields. These efforts have contributed to the rapid development of China's natural gas industry. He has won one second-class prize of National Natural Science Award, 33 provincial and ministerial awards (11 first prizes and 16 second prizes), 2 "The Top Ten Geological Science and Technology Progresses” of the Geological Society, the Sun Yueqi Youth Science and Technology Award, the Huang Jiqing Youth Geological Science & Technology Award and National Outstanding Scientific and Technological Worker. He has published more than 300 articles, 17 monographs, 28 invention patents and 6 standards. He is the deputy editor-in-chief of Natural Gas Geoscience, the member of AAPG, the member of TSOP, deputy director of the Special Committee on Fluid Geology of the Chinese Geophysical Society, the member of the Special Committee on Petroleum Geology of the Chinese Petroleum Society, the member of the Special Committee on Hydrocarbon Geochemistry and Reservoir Formation of the Chinese Geological Society, the member of the Petroleum Geology Experimentation Subcommittee, and the deputy director of the National Academic Committee on Organic Geochemistry. He is also the adjunct professor of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University of Technology, Central South University and Northeast Petroleum University.




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